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Gorilla trekking Safari from Mombasa .

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Gorilla trekking Safari from Mombasa .

Are you planning to visit the mountain gorillas of Uganda on your vacation and you are basing from Mombasa Kenya? This tour will take you to an amazing mountain gorilla trekking experience in Uganda and then after you fly to Mombasa for relaxation at Dian beach holidays. Bwindi Impenetrable forest national Park and Mgahinga gorilla national park are the only areas in Uganda where one can go for gorilla trekking. Mountain gorillas have highly endangered wildlife and Bwindi forest has more than 360 individuals of the credible 800 and mountain gorillas in the whole world. These primates are endangered because of diseases, habitat loss as well as poaching. Bwindi is among the safari parks in which make the highest revenues to Uganda Wildlife Authority.

 Uganda Gorilla trekking safaris from Mombasa Kenya. 

Moi International Airport is the main international airport in Mombasa, which is the second city in Kenya. There are other international airports in Kenya which include the Kisumu International Airport in Kisumu, the Eldoret International Airport in Eldoret, Jomo Kenyatta International Airport in the capital city of Kenya which is known as Nairobi.

Use Moi International Airport to Entebbe International Airport in Uganda for visiting the endangered mountain gorillas in Uganda’s Mgahinga gorilla national park or Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. You can start this tour from Uganda or Mombasa. spend some days while relaxing at Mombasa beaches after getting a big opportunity of seeing half of the remained mountain gorillas on earth. 

Gorilla trekking Safari from Mombasa .

Enjoy the amazing landscapes of Mombasa and visit the mountain gorillas of Uganda. It is good to start with mountain gorilla trekking in either Mgahinga national park or Bwindi impenetrable forest national park. Where you will have a great chance to explore more about the endangered mountain gorillas and then fly to the second city of Kenya (Mombasa).

Mountain gorillas are under the Eastern Gorillas. It is listed as an endangered animal by the IUCN Red List. Uganda dense forests are natural habitat to all most half of the few remaining mountain gorillas, areas, where to find mountain gorillas in this country, are Bwindi I impenetrable national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park, other areas where to mountain gorillas stay are Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and Virunga national park in DR. Congo. 

Is it a guarantee that I will see mountain gorillas in Uganda? 

Uganda is home to half of the few remaining mountain gorillas on the earth. Therefore, on your gorilla safari in this country, you have a high chance of seeing many mountain gorilla families which is impossible in other natural habitats of these primates in Africa. 

Gorilla trekking Safari from Mombasa .

Have your tour operator led you in this whole experience?

To enjoy a gorilla trekking safari in Uganda, it is good to use a tour company that will help you in preparing the overall gorilla tour. There are several ways one can use to organize a gorilla trekking tour in Uganda from Mombasa Kenya which includes; using a tour operator from Uganda, a tour operator from Mombasa Kenya or you can do it by yourself. 

Can I use the Mombasa Kenya tour operator or the Ugandan local operator?

Yes, you can use any one of them. In Mombasa Kenya, there are several tour operators that can work with local tour operators in Uganda. When they work together, they will help you to organize your overall gorilla safari from permits, transport, and accommodation. A local tour operator will check for the availability of permits depending on the day you want to visit the mountains gorillas of Uganda and when they find the permits available, then they will send an invoice so that you send money for booking gorilla trekking permits

Through a local operator. 

 If you want to book with a local tour operator, you have to make sure that they are well trained and trustworthy to deal with them. Since there are many tour operators online using different websites. The thing to book with any local tour operator is that they are cheap than booking by yourself. There are different ways to know the best tour operator, and these include; you check if the company is licensed by the Uganda tourism board or is registered by the Association of Uganda tour operators

The cost for a gorilla trekking permit in the Bwindi forest. 

A single permit for gorilla trekking goes at $700 for foreign nonresidents per person per trek, $600 for foreign residents, and 250,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) or through Valiant Uganda Safaris. This gorilla trekking permit allows a tourist to spend only one hour with mountain gorillas while learning more about them. Tourists are advised to book gorilla trekking permits like 3 months before the traveling dates to avoid disturbance, especially during the peak season because it is when most tourists visit Uganda for gorilla trekking. Each gorilla family is trekked by only 8 tourists every day and those below 15 years of age are not allowed to visit mountain gorillas of Uganda. 

The best time to trek gorillas in the Bwindi forest 

Gorilla trekking in Uganda is best during the dry months when the hiking trails are easy to access. These months include June-October and December. But, this activity in the Bwindi forest can be done at any time of the year. 

Where to stay while doing gorilla trekking in the Bwindi forest.

 Safari lodges and lodges are there in Bwindi where one can spend a night and complete his /her trip, which ranges from luxury to budget. Some of them are Rushaga gorilla camp, Nkuringo Bwindi gorilla lodge, Buhoma community campsite, Gorilla forest camp, and Volcanoes safari Bwindi lodge.