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What are advantages of  Double Trekking Mountain Gorillas ?

What are advantages of  Double Trekking Mountain Gorillas ?

Most tourists who have got an opportunity of visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda used to ask for more time with these amazing mountain gorillas in their natural habitats that are found in southwestern parts of Uganda which includes Mgahinga and Bwindi impenetrable forest national parks, in the North of Rwanda there is Volcanoes national park. Tracking mountain gorillas twice is one exciting experience, out of experience from our safari team that has visited mountain gorillas of Bwindi Forest twice, this article is a handy guide on why tourists should visit mountain gorillas twice.

What are advantages of  Double Trekking Mountain Gorillas ?

While planning the Africa safari holidays /vacations is good to start preparing in advance including a Gorilla tracking adventure on the package and try to look out for the best of its experience. Gorilla tracking is so expensive than other wildlife safaris in wild so when you are planning to trek African mountain gorillas, try as much as possible that you spend more time and enjoy this activity that you will never forget in your entire lifetime. Some tourists trek mountain gorillas twice because they feel like missing them after the first so this forces them to book another trek. The chances of seeing mountain gorillas of Uganda and Rwanda are very high because gorilla tracking is arranged well, after booking a gorilla permit expect to see the endangered mountain gorillas either in one trek or two.

Advantages for Double Trekking Mountain Gorillas .

One of the reasons why one should book mountain gorilla trekking twice is that you get a great opportunity to have more time with these unique primates in their natural habitats. The first trek helps you to reduce on interest in seeing these giants in 7 meters, in the second trek you will be perfect in tracking mountain gorillas in the forest and also enjoy well gorilla trekking experience because now you know everything while trekking gorillas.

What are advantages of  Double Trekking Mountain Gorillas ?

Another reason for booking mountain gorillas twice is that you get a chance to trek a different gorilla family and the different number of gorilla groups and sectors, mostly those who planning to visit Uganda’s Bwindi impenetrable forest national park you have that chance because this park is divided into four tracking trails. After booking your gorilla permits expect to complete your dream of these unique endangered primates and enjoy an amazing experience you will never forget in your lifetime.   

Thirdly, the advantage of trekking mountain gorillas twice is that you get two hours with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitats, also have a chance to compare and contrast the two mountain gorillas you visited and the experience you received in each gorilla sector.

Another reason why one should book more than one trek is that you get everything you expect on your gorilla trip that you may be missed in the first trek, this is why it is important to try the second trek. Trots and Safaris  is always available to help you with such things so send us an email, we check for the availability of Mountain Gorilla Permits and secure them for you until you come and enjoy the experience of trekking mountain gorillas twice. For spending more time with these primates in their natural habitats, we advise doing a gorilla habituation experience which allows spending four hours after meeting a gorilla family.

Best time to trek

Gorilla destinations can be visited at any time of the year but the most recommended period in Uganda is during its two dry seasons that are between June-August and December-February when conditions favor the tourists for trekking the endangered mountain gorillas as well as the chimpanzees. Also, other wildlife national parks are good to visit at such times. However African weather is unpredictable at any time it can rain so this is why you are advised to come for a gorilla tracking safari when well-prepared through packing your bag with gears which are useful to this activity.

 Packing list for trekking mountain gorillas

 packing list is also among things one should consider while preparing for gorilla trekking as listed below. 

Long-sleeved clothes protect you from tropical insect bites because this activity is carried out through hiking thick forests.

 Hiking boots make you comfortable while hiking on muddy and slippery slopes.

A walking stick will be provided at your lodge or the park offices.

Other items you need to put in your bag are insect repellent, a hat, waterproof jacket, sunglasses, enough drinking water, snacks, and packed lunch, a camera with extra batteries, garden gloves, and others.

 Trots and Safaris is the best tour operator one should book with, because we are experts in organizing gorilla trekking tours in either Uganda or Rwanda, we also help you to secure gorilla permits once you confirm with us, for more formation about gorilla tours in Africa contact us.

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