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Safe Destinations to Visit in Africa

Safe Destinations to Visit in Africa

Are you wondering if it is safe to travel to Africa? Or which countries are safe to travel to on the continent?.

Africa is a big continent on Earth. For every trouble spot which reaches the international headlines, there are perhaps plenty of perfectly safe destinations to visit in Africa. So be sure not to be put off from discovering the many wonders of Africa for yourself!

For some help on where to start, we’ve put together this selection of safe destinations to visit in Africa for your consideration. Don’t worry though, we’ve whittled down those plenty  of destinations to just seven. Together the span the continent’s incredible array of attractions, not least its natural wonders.


Rwanda tours

When it comes to safe destinations to visit in Africa, tiny Rwanda has a lot going for it. Its small size and excellent infrastructure makes getting around incredibly easy as well as safe, while its capital city of Kigali is also rated as one of the cleanest and most liveable cities on the continent. Indeed, the pride in how the nation looks to visitors is clear from the first moments you spend in the country.

Well governed and with impressively low crime rates, the main reason to visit Rwanda is to take the trek to see mountain gorillas in their forest homes. But there’s also the possibility of taking traditional vehicle-led safaris in the likes of Akagera National Park. Nor should the cultural attractions of Kigali be ignored, ranging from galleries of contemporary art to historical museums.


If the language barrier of French-speaking Rwanda puts you off, you only need to look as far as neighboring Tanzania. Although Swahili is the country’s main language, English is also widely spoken because of the country’s links with the British Commonwealth.

Violence and other crimes against visitors to Tanzania as incredible rare. In contrast, the attractions the country is able to show off to the world are vast in their scope. The most famous are probably the plains of the Serengeti, home to the Great Wildebeest Migration. But visitors are also able to explore Selous National Park, check out the Ngorongoro Crater, and climb Africa’s highest mountain – Mount Kilimanjaro.


If you include the island nations of the Indian Ocean that are members of the African Union, Mauritius cannot be left off a list of safe destinations to visit in Africa. It might be missing the wildlife spectacles that attract many to the continent, but what it does have instead will amaze anyone looking to get away from it all.

Fantastic resorts occupy many of the islands that make up the country. They provide their guests with an astonishing level of service, whether you’re looking to spend the day on a white sand beach with a cocktail in hand or wanting to be more adventurous and head into the aquamarine waters on a scuba diving expedition!


Swapping the Indian Ocean for the Atlantic Ocean brings us to Namibia. A country with a minute human population, there’s certainly nothing small about the safari potential of the country. World famous attractions include Etosha Pan and the swirling dunes of the Namib Desert.

Combine these attractions with a reputation for consistently being one of the premier safe destinations to visit in Africa and you’ve got a vacation that won’t disappoint! From camping beneath the stars in the desert to seeing some of the greatest concentrations of game on the continent, Namibia has far more than mere safety to recommend it.


Sometimes Uganda slips from people’s radars when considering safe destinations to visit in Africa simply because this stable east African nation hardly ever hits the headlines. So if you’ve been asking is it safe to travel to Uganda, you now have an answer!

Uganda is also often overlooked because of the proximity of Tanzania’s Serengeti National Park. However, jump on the chance to use the road less travelled and you’ll discover all manner of marvels. There are expansive grassland reserves such as Queen Elizabeth National Park to give you your fill of game drives. But you can also delve into Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to connect with mountain gorillas and raft the white water of the nascent River Nile too!


Several hours flying time south of Uganda you’ll find Botswana, home of the Kalahari Desert. As welcoming as anywhere in east Africa, it is another nation that ranks highly when it comes to the safety of those who visit.

Although Botswana is for large part dominated by the Kalahari, forget any notions you might have had of Saharan-like sands. Most of the Central Kalahari Reserve is spotted with native mopane woodland whose roots dig deep down to the water table. The leaves of these trees provide amply food for elephants and other herbivores such as giraffe. They are also the favorite foodstuff of the mopane worm, a caterpillar dried and then fried as a local delicacy!


Separated from Europe by just nine miles at its closest point, Morocco blends a little of everything – European organization, North African hospitality, and sub-Saharan color. A very different type of destination than countries like Uganda or Botswana, there are no large national parks here boasting the wildlife of the nature documentaries.

What you will find instead is a long list of cultural attractions, from royal mausoleums to record-breaking mosques. A stop at least one of the four Imperial Cities, which dominated this part of Africa from medieval times onwards and even extended their influence into modern day Spain and Portugal, should be included on any itinerary.

Safe Destinations to Visit in Africa: Easier to Find Than You Might Think!

If we were to conclude this round up, we’d simply say this – there are plenty of safe destinations to visit in Africa. And while we’ve provided just a short introduction to some of the many wonders of the continent, you’ll find a lot more travel inspiration on our blogs.

If you’re still not quite sure what to expect from Africa, just take a look at Our important information to put your mind at rest!