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How to Plan For A birding Safari ?

How to Plan For A birding Safari ?

In many cases travelers book safaris through tour agents or travel companies, but it is also possible to book a bird watching safari to Uganda yourself. Birding safaris in Uganda is an experience of a lifetime, and planning it yourself would even make the experience mor exciting and extra ordinary. Planning a trip, yourself can also be irritating as it requires a lot follow ups and a lot inquiry

Therefore, to positively plan for the trekking tour yourself, the following tips are helpful:

Decide Where You Want to Go

We assume you have already made up your mind and you want to do birding in Uganda. Now you have to zero down on the places you want to bird in Uganda considering he time you have and the resources. Consider the itineraries done by people who have visited Uganda before and look at your Wishlist

How to Plan For A birding Safari ?

Book for the lodge/hotel
Check out lodges and hotels of your choice and make reservations to make sure you they have your dates available. For those that do not have availability you have an option to choose another while its still early. Make sure you contact two lodges in every destination to get the best offers as you will have to compare.

Look for the means of transport
Choose how you are going to travel locally. You can choose to travel using the public transport and some lodges can pick you up and help you do game drives and movement around the park. most hotels can also pick you up from the airport at no extra cost. You can also choose to hire a car on self-drive basis. Make sure you calculate the costs involved like the fuel etc.

How to Plan For A birding Safari ?

What to pack
You have to be well prepared for forest life. Birding areas have unpredictable weather, slippery grounds and much undergrowth with thorny bushes. You must therefore pack hiking boots, long sleeved shirts and panties, hat, hand gloves and rain coats. These help in case of unpredictable weather changes. Carry a scope or binoculars as well and a camera.

Its never a must for anyone to tip but it can be very helpful. You will need a lot of help form the locals like the site guides, the people at the lodges and hotel and many other people as you look for the way or anything since you will be in a foreign country. Tipping will be taken as a form of appreciation or a motivation to most people. Have this in mind and plan accordingly.

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