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How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?

How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?

Trekking mountain gorilla of Uganda and Rwanda is one of the reasons why most travelers visit East Africa.  But they have a lot of questions about trekking the mountain gorillas of East Africa and how many days gorilla trekking takes in Uganda and Rwanda is among those questions asked by tourists.

Most clients who have tried out gorilla trekking before can also tell you that it is not predictable how long it can take to finish your gorilla experience but it always takes you 30 minutes or it will last for three-quarters of the day. Those participants that are not strong or unfit will do the trek for 30 minutes to one hour and those that are fit will continue to do the trekking for gorillas in high elevation and because of this, you are required to do physical exercises before you go for the actual trek.

A safari for gorilla trekking lasts for a minimum of 3 days and a day is done for tracking gorillas and you will spend 2 days coming from and back to Kigali International Airport, Entebbe International Airport, then also to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park. Most travelers always call this a length Gorilla Safari. Gorilla safari length rests on different factors thus being the reason for us not to specify but we can guess for you the time flame because we know that you will finish the trek before it gets a night.

Mountain gorillas found in Bwindi stay in high altitudes and you can decide on which gorilla family to begin with especially those in a distant point and this will last for some time and you will be able to return by late evening. Mountain gorillas stay in wild areas thus moving up and down looking for food and this makes them fight each other whenever they meet and you will be able to spot a gorilla family when you get closer.

How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?

How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?
Gorilla trekking permit

Those visitors who love double trekking will be provided with different gorilla families per day and this will help you tell if the trek is short or long.

The cost for a gorilla trekking permit in the Bwindi Forest.

A permit for visiting mountain gorillas of Bwindi Forest costs $700 for foreign nonresidents per person per trek, $600 for foreign residents, and 250,000 Ugandan shillings for East African citizens from Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA) or through Trots and Safaris. This gorilla trekking permit allows a tourist to spend only one hour with mountain gorillas while learning more about them. Tourists are advised to book gorilla trekking permits like 3 months before the traveling dates to avoid disturbance, especially during the peak season because it is when most tourists visit Uganda for gorilla trekking. Each gorilla family is trekked by only 8 tourists every day and those below 15 years of age are not allowed to visit mountain gorillas of Uganda

Accommodation in the Ruhija sector.

While visiting Bwindi Forest for seeing its mountain gorillas, do not worry about where to stay because various safari lodges offer high-quality services through excellent food and sleeping services. The lodges are range from luxury, mid-range to budget. These are some of them as briefly discussed below;

How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?

Agandi Eco lodge. It is constructed with local materials and art. It provides Wi-Fi, 2 self-contained units with a shower and toilets, a dining room, 1 campfire place for listening to music, listening, and discussing in the evening after gorilla trekking. Other activities to do after gorilla trekking are visiting the Batwa community, bird watching, guided nature walks, and so on.

Buhoma Lodge is constructed next to the park. It has good en suite bathrooms set in the hill with beautiful of the Bwindi Forest from the verandas. Ten clean en suite cottages with flushing toilets, piping hot showers, solar lighting, and others. Therefore, on gorilla safari go and spend your night at Buhoma lodge to complete your trip without disturbance.

Bakiga Lodge offers Wi-Fi internet, flush toilets, showers, solar, and others.  other tourist activities to do while staying at Bakiga lodge are bird watching, guided nature walks, forest walks, participating in craft-making dancing, signing together with the Batwa people.

Rushaga Gorilla havens lodge, provides high-quality service through friendly staff, comfortable accommodation facilities, a restaurant with both local and international dishes, bar which is well stocked. This lodge is surrounded by a lot of things to see and do, beautiful views of the Bwindi Forest. Apart from gorilla trekking, you can do forest walks, visit the Batwa community, bird watching, and among others.

How many days need for Gorilla Trekking Tour ?
How many days are needed for gorilla trekking in the Bwindi Forest?

How to access Bwindi impenetrable forest national park.

Bwindi impenetrable forest covers a distance of about 478 kilometers from the capital Kampala, which takes 7-8 hours of driving. This route goes through a smooth surface and a dirt murram road into the forest. You can fly from Entebbe airport to Kihihi or Kisoro airstrips, which is just a few minutes to the park.

During your holiday, visit Bwindi impenetrable forest national park in Uganda and complete your dream of visiting almost half of the remained mountain gorillas, you can do nature walks, visit the Batwa people, watching birds all give you an unforgettable time in your entire life. For more information, please contact Trots and Safaris .

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