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What to know about the impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park.

What to know about the impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is among the most amazing tourist destination in south-western Uganda near the Rift valley. It has rich biodiversity tropical rainforest and misty valleys feature Uganda’s ancient. This Park covers an area of over 331 square kilometers and it consist of lowland forest and montane, it protects over 350 bird species including the 23 Albertine Rift Endemic, 1000 flowering plants, 420 plant species, 120 mammal’s species including the endangered mountain gorillas, Baboons, Chimpanzees, L’Hoests, Black and white colobus monkeys, Red-tailed monkeys, colobus monkeys, Vervet monkeys plus antelope and elephants, 200 tree species which has over 250,000 years ago and 104 fern species. The impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park is a UNESCO Heritage Site that stands between elevation 1160 and 2607 meters above sea level.

Know more about Gorilla safaris in Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park.

Trekking the endangered mountain Gorillas in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park.

Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park protects over 550 gorillas which present to half of the few remaining mountain gorillas on earth. Enjoy an unforgettable experience while trekking one of the gorilla families among the 18 habituated which are already for tourism every day in any gorilla tracking sector of Bwindi like Nkuringo and Rushaga in the south, Buhoma in the North and Ruhija in the East. Each gorilla family has its unique experience so, if possible, you can trek more than one gorilla family while at Bwindi Forest. a group of 8 people is allowed to visit a gorilla family every day, and you are given only one to interact with the endangered mountain gorillas in their natural habitat after meeting them. Gorilla trekking adventure is not a guarantee but, in most cases, it depends on the gorilla family you’re assigned to trek and the speed of trekkers. For those who are interested in visiting mountain gorillas of the Ruhija sector, the families you will track are the Bitukura, Kyaguriro, Oruzogo, and Mukiza gorilla families. Nkuringo sector consists of the Bushaho, Nkuringo, and Christmas gorilla families. Rushaga sector is among the best tracking sector in Bwindi which protects Busingye, Nshongi, Kahungye, Bweza, and Mishaya gorilla families. The Buhoma sector comprises the Mubare, Rushegura, Habinyanja, Binyindo, and Katwa gorilla families. Bwindi impenetrable forest national park offers a great chance for tourists who wants to spend more time with mountain gorillas and this process is known as the gorilla habituation experience. A gorilla permit in Bwindi Forest costs $700 per person per trek while gorilla habituation is goes at $1500 per person per trek and only 4 tourists allowed to visit a gorilla group every day.

What to know about the impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park.

What to know about the impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park.

Lake Bunyonyi and Lake Mutanda.

In the evening after visiting the endangered mountain gorillas, you will be wondering where the perfect environment is to relax. If you trekked mountain gorillas of Nkuringo sector of Buhoma sector, Lake Bunyonyi is your answer, go to Lake Bunyonyi and do a boat cruise to make you feel better after hiking for long hours. This amazing Lake consists of 29 islands. For those who visited mountain gorillas of Ruhija sector or Mgahinga gorilla national park and you’re looking for the best place to relax after trekking, you can go to Lake Mutanda which is located in Kisoro town. Activities to do while there are boat rides, community walks, and cycling.

Community and forest treks.

The impenetrable forest of Bwindi national park is also good for community walks and forest treks. Go deep into the forest searching for the endangered mountain gorillas, you can decide to trek alone but for safety reasons, a guide is very important mostly when it comes to routes. Since you walk for long hours, you may find some parts which require hiking for example you may hike the Muyanga waterfalls along Buhoma, Rushura hill which is found in between two gorilla trekking sectors that are Nkuring sector and Buhoma sector, Habinyanja trail, Ivi River walk, Muzubijiro loop which is found near the most common used trails in the forest.  The above hikes may need you to have an armed park guide for your safety. While for the community, there is no need for an armed park guide. You can also do bike ride treks, guided by the community members who are living on the edges of Bwindi Forest where you will enjoy an amazing experience.

The people and culture.

To enjoy a cultural experience, spare some time and visit the communities near the Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and learn more about the Batwa pygmies, Bakiga cultural and traditional practices through entertainment, village walks, and workshops. While visiting these communities, you will enjoy a wonderful cultural practice like the gathering and hunting methods of the Batwa who are known as the first people to live in Bwindi Forest for about 500,000 years.

Safari lodges in Bwindi impenetrable Forest National Park.

Bwindi impenetrable forest national park is surrounded by a variety of accommodation and safari lodges, budget campsites and bandas, craft stalls, restaurants, and offering high-quality services to visitors who are interested in gorilla trekking plus other safaris. Accommodation facilities at Bwindi Forest are ranging from Luxury, mid-range to budget. Tourists you’re advised to choose accommodation which is near your tracking sector so that you reach in time on your trekking day and also to save some money and help to costs for your safari. Some of the lodges near the Bwindi Forest are Nkuringo Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, Gorilla Safari Lodger, Volcanoes Bwindi Lodge, Buhoma Community Rest Camp, Bhoma Lodge, Sanctuary Gorilla Forest, Silverback, Bwindi Camp, Gorilla Safari Lodge, Bakiga Lodge, Ruhija Gorilla Safari Lodge, Bwindi Gorilla Lodge, Eco Marvels Gorilla Resort and among others.


Bwindi Impenetrable National Park lies in southwestern Uganda about 512 km away from Kampala. You can use different routes which include the following.

Queen Elizabeth national park route.

The route passes through the park’s southern Ishasha sector providing a chance to a stopover to search for the famous tree-climbing lions. Bwindi is about 160 km from Mweya and 64km from Ishasha.

Kampala – Ntungamo, Rukungiri- Kihihi – Buhoma.

This is the quickest and most direct route from Kampala. It follows a tarmac road up Rukungiri for 390km followed by about 112 km on a marram road to Buhoma.

Kampala – kabale – Kanungu – Buhoma.

The route follows a tarmac highway to Kabale districts about 414kms. The next section flows a winding marram road of about 120km that passes through Kanungu town and Kanyantorogo and takes about 4-5hrs.

Air transport

you can fly from Entebbe to the modern tarmac airfield in Kisoro district and hire a vehicle to take you to either Nkuringo or Rushaga tracking sectors. Meanwhile, chatter planes from Entebbe and kajansi to Kayonza airstrip in savanna 40km away can be used when you want to travel to the Buhoma sector is also possible.

In conclusion, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park is one of the best destinations in Uganda which offers amazing experiences for a lifetime. With the above-mentioned tips, we think that you cannot leave Africa without visiting Bwindi impenetrable forest National Park for a gorilla trekking experience plus other variety of exciting activities. You can even visit the mountain gorillas of Mgahinga gorilla national park. Contact with Trots and Safaris and know more information about Uganda gorilla safari to Bwindi Forest National Park.