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Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda has the best time, however, it is possible throughout the year is from January to December and you will still enjoy an amazing experience of seeing the endangered mountain gorillas in the African jungles. April is one of the months with heavy rainfall in Uganda and it is known as a low season month for visiting mountain gorillas in all-natural habitats of Uganda

Why trek mountain gorillas in April? 

April is known as a low season period for trekking mountain gorillas of Uganda but it is also the best among the best months to travel by many tourists who visit Uganda for seeing mountain gorillas without depending on the dry season. You may be wondering why most travelers visit Uganda in the month of April but the truth is visiting the mountain gorillas of Uganda during this month, offers an unforgettable experience. 

In the month of April, the rates for accommodation facilities like hotels of lodges are used to reduce since there is less occupancy so that they can survive until the high season or dry season which usually starts from the months of June-October and December-February. Another secret with trekking mountain gorillas in April is that lodges offer discounted rates mostly to the group travelers who are interested to enjoy an amazing experience of seeing mountain gorillas of Uganda. 

Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

Another advantage why one should travel in April is that in the wet season the forest trees are said to be flowering and this will give you a big chance to enjoy viewing a lot of bird species that come to get juice from flowers as you enjoy their sounds while trekking these unique primates in either Bwindi impenetrable forest national park or Mgahinga gorilla national park.  

How to book a gorilla permit during the low season?

You can directly contact Trots and Safaris so as to book your low season gorilla permit and we will immediately check out for your ideal date and before arranging any other Gorilla Safari service we will have pre-purchased it for you and there we proceed to get you pocket-friendly gorilla safari services that are interesting and match your time. What we expect from you is to give us your detailed information about the year, month, and the exact date you plan to do your gorilla trek in the so-called low season months. We are always in touch with Uganda wildlife Authority for the availability of your gorilla permit. You will also have to send us your full names as exactly they are on your passport and nationality since they are requirements to get you a permit from UWA. We send you an invoice indicating your full payment or the Gorilla permits and we shall pay immediately your low season gorilla permit.

Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

What to carry on my packing list for gorilla trekking in Uganda during the month of April. 

Although it is possible to trek mountain gorillas in April since it is also called a rainy season. Trots and Safaris  advise you to come when well prepared with a strong waterproof jacket so that it helps you when it rains, hiking boots, long-sleeved shirts/trousers, hat, sunglasses, energy-giving snacks, insect repellents, first aid kit, a camera with extra batteries, and a pair of binocular. 

Other activities to do in Uganda.

Uganda is blessed with many tourist attractions that one can do like wildlife safari and chimpanzee tracking that you can do after completing your dream of visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April. Chimpanzee tracking is the key attraction in Kibale forest national park. The park harbors over 13 different primate species with its unique forest. 

In Uganda, chimpanzees can also be sighted in other destinations which include Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park, Kyambura Gorge in Queen Lizabeth national park, and Kalinzu Eco forest. 

Visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

For wildlife viewing in Uganda, there are savannah national parks where one can go for walking safaris, game viewing, and boat safaris and these national parks are Kidepo valley national park, Lake Mburo national park, Murchison falls national park, and Queen Elizabeth national park. 

Where to stay while visiting mountain gorillas of Uganda in April.

Mountain gorillas in Uganda are sighted in Bwindi impenetrable forest national park and Mgahinga gorilla national park and they are both found in the southwestern region of Uganda, with various safari lodges where one can stay to make his /her trip fantastic. Some of these lodges are;  

Broadbill forest camp is for budget tourists. The broadbill offers 4 tents which are self-contained with single, double and twin. It has a restaurant and a bar with all types of drinks which are all ready to serve. Besides gorilla trekking, other activities to do while staying at Broadbill forest camp are bird watching, mountain riding, guided nature walks, and so on. 

Bakiga lodge is for luxurious tourists who are interested in visiting Bwindi gorillas. It has 6 family cabins and two twin tents and they are all self-contained with en-suite bathrooms, flush toilets, showers, solar, and others. other tourist activities to do while staying at Bakiga lodge are bird watching, guided nature walks, forest walks, participating in craft-making dancing, signing with The Batwa people.

Nkuingo Bwindi gorilla lodge, offers high-quality services to their visitors like friendly staff, it was constructed with 1 family villa, 2 superior cottages, 3 villas, and 8 garden cottages while using local materials and all of them has en-suite bathrooms, a sitting area, and a private veranda which is good for relaxing. It offers free Wi-Fi, security, a craft shop, restaurant with a bar that is well stocked with various drinks. Other activities to do apart from gorilla trekking are bird watching, guided nature walks, visiting the Batwa people, and others. 

Rushaga gorilla camp Bwindi forest is a mid-range lodge and offers all accommodation facilities in order to make your holiday excellent. It also provides self-contained bandas, family bandas, secure parking, self-contained luxury tents which are good for mid-range tourists. Activities one can do while staying here are Bird watching, forest walks in Bwindi forest, visiting Lake Bunyonyi for dug-out canoeing, you can go to Mgahinga national park for golden monkey tracking.