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Solo trips are best moments of life

13-Day Prestigious Combined Uganda and Rwanda Safari

Solo trips are surely some of the most exciting and rejuvenating experiences of all time such special trips are designed to elevate and connect one to their inner being through personal interactions with nature at a wide range without much of disturbances from the outside world.

A solo traveler -Boat cruise

Such trips can be used for meditation and purposes of self preservations from the daily human inequities. They are also the kind of trips that are meant to make you a person of a big difference from the other kind. Solo trips experiences in east Africa can be taken in very many forms which guarantee safety for life as well as extreme fun as entirely desired by the tourist.Some of the best moments of life can surely be felt when we are at peace with our own selves and only then, can you conclude that you have fully come to an understanding of one.Throughout different periods of time we come to ask ourselves of when that when we grow up, we never get to fully have a time of your own. Either you are fixed by work, family or the daily human chores of trying to fit into society.

Solo travelers encountering with the wildlife

Recently we have discovered that the need for solo trips has drastically increased, we truly cannot tell if this is due to the on gong pandemic, or this situation itself has made us realize that we all need some personal time to ourselves.The following activities and destinations listed below are guaranteed to extend to you the maximum personal time that is need while on an extreme east African solo safarisBiking on a solo trip in while on an east African safari..Biking is done of the most fun activities to indulge ourselves in even while we were toddlers, especially biking long the tough east Africa terrain that gives the biker an adrenaline rush of a life time.Bike riding in east Africa will grace you with the desired panoramic sights of nature, while the different biking paths lead you to a much unexpected turn of extreme adventure; get to know the people with whom you are sharing the community with, such people will further guide you to places beyond your imagination. This experience requires no guide to take you through the days itinerary, hence giving you the opportunity to have the whole world to yourself.In east Africa, a biking experience can be achieved at most lodging spots like mweya safari lodge, and travel destinations like the queen Elizabeth national game park in Uganda, Serengeti national game park in Tanzania. These bicycles can also be rented to you through your respective travel agency.

Nature photography.

Are you a lover of photography, if you are, well you definitely know that this is the kind of art that requires a calm and peaceful mind, a place where you can work in harmony and full of everlasting, potentially reveling inspirations constant with your needs. Who knows through this, you could get the chance to be featured in the tourism photography magazine or better yet chosen as the tourism photographer of the year.Come take on an inspiration from east African culture, the east African wild life, scenic views, and the amazing everlasting wild life. The only companion needed while carrying out this activity is none other than your camera and lenses

East Africa Bird watching solo trip.

Bird watchers always get the ultimate opportunity of being on solo trips while n an east African safari. This is because birds themselves are shy beings and cannot stand the presence of multiple being, the presence of such a natural character gives them the opportunity to peacefully gaze at the skies in search of the wind conquerors without much disturbance furthermore, the existence of a diverse number of east African birds is surely a must do then you are on a solo trip out there.Grab yourself an east African bird watchers guide book, binoculars and a world class camera for you to capture and view the awesome springs of happiness in the sky.Cultural engagements while on a solo east African trip.There is no better way of getting engaged with society wholesomely and genuinely than going there in person to learn their norms from them. East Africa has over 200 tribes, giving you the opportunity of experiencing over 40 cultural experiences from across each and every country that will have the opportunity of gracing you as a their esteemed visitor. The nature of the African culture will leave you awed at the kind of experiences that will be offered to you in terms of welcoming you as part of their society and the activities carried out while you are with them, like the cultural dances and plays. Despite being around other people, you will have the opportunity of being introduced to a whole new world which you might as well completely and entirely be in as one.

Humanitarian programs in East Africa.

Humanitarian programs, whether in east Africa or around the world are the best way of connecting with the human nature of man and his surroundings also the fastest and most righteous way of giving back to the society at large. It is also a complete way of reconnecting with your lost self. Through this, one can be able to give back through participating I different activities like the search and rescue missions, humanitarian journalism, and the likes of relief supply programs to disaster stricken areas across east Africa.This activity will help return your sense of belonging if at all you had misplaced it, while reconnecting you with the universe.You can get hooked on any this program by submitting in your our details for to the respective platforms like the UN which is a worldwide organization, and relief supporting NGO’s that are located in east Africa like the red cross, caring hands in Uganda Take on a wildlife conservation program while on a solo safari in east Africa.

Trots and safaris is a ready and prepared organization here to give to you the best of your solo trip experiences while in on an east African safari.The organization is also part of the humanitarian programs. This was achieved through a program called caring hands that aims at helping orphaned children between the age of 1-16 by providing to them an education and financial support.Trots and safari is also part of the wild life conservation programs and our in is to see that 90% of the existing wild life plants and animals are still in existence for the future generations to study and care about. This totally means that as a safaris company, we are ready to welcome you into east Africa so that you can engage with us through this tremendously amazing journeyBecause we are dedicated to giving you the best personal time that can never be equated to any other, feel free to contact us for more information about solo trip safaris experiences of east Africa at info@trotsrotsandsafari.com

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